OakCal enables its clients to quickly shift from reactive to proactive mode, setting and influencing market agendas and defining market landscapes. OakCal works with you to build a distinct and competitive position in the market, enhancing your company’s visibility and helping achieve new levels of revenues, profitability and valuations.

We collaborate with our clients through strategic big-picture views focusing on value-creation focusing on sales and revenue improvements and implementing the processes and structures by which these are managed. The impact of FutureChart is measured in specific market metrics: does it help you improve your win/loss ratio, shorten your sales cycles, increase revenues, lower cost of sales and increase your valuation. Qualitative and quantative measures are also developed to determine your company’s perceived current position among target audiences and to set objectives and monitor changes.

Future Chart can:
Build a unified management vision and action plan for focused direction and action;
Build a distinct and competitive position in the market;
Improve win/loss ratios and reduce the length of sales cycles;
Ensure your company is prepared for major product/service launches and company-repositioning;
Get all components and people in your organization to echo a consistent message;
Define and influence market agendas and conversations;
Take your company to the next level of sales and revenues;

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