Founded in 1998, Oakcal has developed launch offerings for enterprise and consumer focused applications, product and services, development tools, Web servers, and professional services in both regional and global markets.

Our clients include organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to start-up Internet and Enterprise Software companies. We have worked with PeopleSoft and Oracle amongst many others. OakCal’s FutureChart methodology has resulted in many of our more focused clients being successfully acquired by market leaders like SAP A.G., PeopleSoft and Peregrine.

Examples of the type of work we do shown by some recent engagements:
Market Expansion: Jump-started revenues of an aging product line by entering a new market. Achieved $18M incremental revenue in 12 months.
Service Launch: Prevented erosion of a company’s "cash-cow" maintenance renewal revenue by re-positioning and launching a complete lifecycle of professional services. Eliminated 10% yearly drop in renewal rates, protecting $60M revenue stream.
Re-launch: Packaged and re-positioned a merger of two companies and launched into a new market. Successfully penetrated the market within 3 months and achieved a strategic market leadership position within 18 months
Re-positioning: Developed a positioning strategy and messages for an Internet ASP company that clearly articulated a new company vision and value proposition, successfully transitioning them from a undifferentiated position to market leadership in a new category.
Start-up Launch: Launched start-up company, created a new category, successfully raised 3 rounds of financing, and grew to a profitable $100M company in 24 months.
Global Launch: Developed a positioning and launch announcement strategy that successfully transitioned a US.-centric, single product line company into a global, multi-product line market leader. Penetrated the UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore and Australian markets and established a beachhead within one quarter. Revenues grew by 43%
New Launch: Launched a new application service and product line that achieved $15M+ new name business revenue in 9 months.

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